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Thursday Morning Skate: Nil Nil

Matthias Hangst

Yesterday's world cup game was not nearly as good as the one on Tuesday. It wasn't particularly remarkable except that maybe the Dutch should have used their other goalie in penalties and an Argentina-Germany final has happened twice already.

Its bittersweet, really. Like all playoffs, they start with a flurry of games - multiple games a day! Multiple games at the same time! Its a burst of excitement. For everyone whose team doesn't make it, the next bit is disappointing. A game yesterday. No games until Saturday. If you're not freaking out  bout your team being in it to win it, it gets a bit dull.

Sure, coaches get fired and whatever but who cares.

Anyways, development camp is happening for those who are free during the day. We should have some of our own coverage of that soon.

What's on tap, y'all?