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David Best-rnak

2014 first-round pick David Pastrnak has only been in Boston for a few days, but he's already become the talk of development camp due to his positive attitude, great quotes and other hijinks. Oh, and his on-ice skill. That's good too.

Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Dan Ryan

It's no stretch to say that the day he gets drafted into the NHL is probably the most exciting day in a young NHL prospect's life. Perma-smiles can be seen on faces that remind you just how old you are (seriously, prospects born in 1996?! Woof.), and good feelings abound.

No one exemplified this spirit of happiness better than B's first-rounder David Pastrnak, who started smiling the minute his name was called and probably hasn't stopped smiling yet.

That's his draft day Tweet, complete with bear and golden heart Emoji that you can't see on SBNation. How excited was Pastrnak to be drafted?

Why, he went right out and bought what was probably the only Boston Red Sox hat in all of Sweden. That's dedication.


Seriously, he's so excited about development camp that it's almost contagious, until you remember how mundane development camps tend to be.

Pastrnak has been captivating the crusty Boston media as well (though that piece's writer, Amalie Benjamin, is an exception to that rule). Maybe they'll give him an extra month or two before Operation Run a Guy Out of Town commences.

Other Pastrnak gems:

  • He showed up at camp with just skates. No gloves, helmet, shin guards, sticks...just skates.
  • He lost his passport, but then found it.
  • He squirted Malcolm Subban with a water bottle, an incident that must have some writer firing up the Hot Take machine for a column on racism.
  • He got a text from his favorite player, David Krejci.
  • He signed his first movie deal, in which he'll star alongside Krejci:

Also, he's been opening eyes at camp. The Herald went so far as to speculate that maybe, juuuuuuuuust maybe, he could stick around for training camp (unlikely, but that's OK). He's been toe-dragging, scoring, skating, being Czech, and smiling. Always smiling.

Basically, Pastrnak has been the story of development camp so far, and that rules.

Quick, someone re-lose his passport so he has to stay!