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David Pastrnak signs entry-level contract

Czech David #2 is officially under Bruins' contract. Good times abound.

Jeff Zelevansky

The Bruins signed 2014 first round draft pick David Pastrnak to an entry-level contract this morning, along with making Matt Bartkowski's deal official.

What does this mean regarding recent speculation that the Bruins could give him a look in the NHL this year? According to the CBA, since he is currently 18 years old, Pastrnak's three-year entry-level deal will "slide" to begin in 2015-2016 if he plays fewer than 9 NHL games. If he hits that 10th game and the Bruins elect to keep him on the roster, a year of the contract will burn in 2014-2015.

Does this mean it's more likely that we'll see Pastrnak in one of the Bruins' free RW spots this season? It definitely means the odds are better, yes - and it at the very least opens the door for him to attend Bruins' training camp in the fall to make the push for that roster spot.