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Fresh Links: School's Out Edition

Torey Krug is in demand, and the Bruins #BearTracks series will open this summer's series on the left coast with Kevan Miller.

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Torey Krug has a busy schedule this summer
Torey Krug has a busy schedule this summer
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

In Bruins news you can use:

  • Torey Krug will be in Utah among the pros helping out at the USHL Park City Invitational... [ParkRecord]
  • ...and Krug is also slated to play a charity hockey with other NHLers at The Big Assist IV, an event in Stamford, CT tonight at 7PM. [StamfordAdvocate]
  • Here're the rosters for the event. [DarienTimes]

  • It'll be California Dreamin' on the road, as the Bruins plan pay a #BearTracks visit to Kevan Miller at home. [Bruins.NHL]
  • Looking at where David Krejci stacks up both against comparables around the league and at home, it looks like Peter Chiarelli is going to have to pay the man. [CausewayCrowd]
  • The Bruins remain idling in neutral this summer. [CausewayCrowd]
  • The heavy schedule of NBC/NBCSN broadcast Bruins games does NOT mean that Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley will be sitting idle over at NESN. Whew! [SouthCoastToday]
  • The Bruins seem to be big winners in the NHL broadcast schedule. [PuckDaddy]
  • Got plans? It is still not too late to join the fun on the Boston Bruins Harbor Cruise tonight at 6:00 PM. [Bruins.NHL]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The jig is up, Thomas Vanek! Even if it was a sure thing, you just can't do that. (Do look at the other spoof pieces on this site while you're here...) [HockeyNationCity]
  • Sadly, TDGarden did not make the cut in this top five NHL Arenas ranking. [TRLHockey]
  • Practice has been the cornerstone of the Subban family's success in producing top hockey talent. And beware, the next generation of Subban toddlers are strapping on skates already! [TheColorOfHockey]
  • Speaking of family dynasty... Mark Howe has now written a memoir. [DetroitNews]
  • The Maple Leafs have opened their minds by hiring Kyle Dubas. [TheGlobeAndMail]
  • Virginia Tech is leading the way to improved safety in hockey by rating different helmet brands, and comparing them to football versions. [NYTimes]
  • RINGER! It was no surprise that when they said "beer" and "hockey," Patrick Kane said "I'm IN!" [Sportsnet]