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Wednesday Morning Skate: Dismantled

Laurence Griffiths

It's tough to really put into context how bad Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany was. It checks all of the boxes, pretty much:

At home

World cup semifinal

Emotional leadup

Leafy meltdown

But on a whole other level. Brazil and soccer go together like...I don't know. But it was bad. It was get-run-out-of-your-own-building bad.

7-1 bad.

That's a bad scoreline in hockey and this was a soccer game. Brazil joins Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and El Salvador in the gave-up-7-goals-in-a-world-cup-game club. Not exactly a great list to be on. Anyways, Argentina plays Holland today at 4pm for the right to fight the German Soccer Machine.

Should be good. What's on tap, y'all?