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Fresh Links: #Hayeswatch Edition

Seriously, where is Kevin Hayes going

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Bruins News:

Not much going on today, but here's a neat little infographic about David Pastrnak that Steph found. Speaking of Steph, she's coming back to cover Providence for us this season. Hooray! [Tumblr]

Pastrnak also did the ice bucket challenge last week. [Instagram]

EOTP challenged SCOC to an ice bucket challenge of our own: [EOTP]

SeidenBearTracks Day 1 is up! []

NHL News:

Josh Ho-Sang is the best, tells it like it is, and takes shit from no one. You go, Josh Ho-Sang. [TSN]

Steve Moore and Todd Bertuzzi are going to settle out of court. Pretty big news. [The Score]

This Minnesota Wild fan got a portrait of their dog as a hockey player and it is UNREAL [Deadspin]

Some pro hockey players have brought a hockey skills clinic to Israeli children, which is pretty neat. [Shalom Life]

A Kevin Hayes update should be coming later today, so keep your eyes peeled!