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Boston Blades draft 19 players, including WWHL MVP and Olympic Medalists, in CWHL draft

Doug Pensinger

The Boston Blades of the Canadian Women's Hockey League made out like bandits yesterday in the CWHL draft. They picked in each of the 19 rounds, outlasting even the Calgary Inferno. All 5 teams drafted through 6 rounds, then Montreal dropped out. After 8 rounds, Toronto stopped picking. One round later, it was Calgary and Boston. Calgary made 16 picks, and the Blades picked 19 players. Here are some highlights:

Round 1: Jenny Potter

Jenny is 35 years old, and was drafted out of the Western Women's Hockey League. She was MVP in that league in 2009, won a championship with Minnesota, and played for Team USA in the 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2010 Olympics, earning a Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Silver Medal, respectively. She led all NCAA women's hockey in scoring in 2000. She should bring veteran grit to the already-quite-good-but-didn't-win-it-all-last-year Blades.

Round 2: Monique Lamoureux

Another Team USA player, Monique Lamoureux is one half of the Lamoureux twins, who have terrorized women's hockey for years. In 2009, she was WCHA rookie of the year after her and her sister tore things up at the University of Minnesota. She ended the season 3rd in NCAA in scoring, first in the WCHA. Which is pretty good for a rookie. Unfortunately, she turned heel and joined the University of North Dakota the following year to follow a Team USA coach. She has also been a part of the 2010 and 2014 silver medal US Olympic teams.

There would be some video here but the Olympics don't like embedding video because the IOC is corrupt as hell.

Round 3: Brianna Decker

Brianna Decker also played on the 2014 silver medal Olympic Women's Team. She played for the Wisconsin Badgers starting in 2009-10, and now holds the record for longest streak of games (77 points in 32 games) with at least a point. In 2012, she won the Patty Kazmaier award for best female NCAA hockey player of the year.

Round 4: Alyssa Gagliardi

Gagliardi was a star defender for Cornell for the past few years, graduating in 2014 as captain of the women's team there. She did not play for Team USA in the Olympics, as far as I can tell.

The players after this aren't big names, so I will just list them unless there's something particularly of note:

Round Name Pos Previous Team
5 Kaleigh Fratkin D Boston University Terriers
6 Bray Ketchum F Boston Blades / Yale
7 Nicole Stock G Brown University
8 Denna Laing F Princeton University
9 Janine Weber F Providence College
10 Jordan Smelker F RPI
11 Rebecca Morse D Providence College
12 Megan Myers F Utica College Pioneers
13 Laura Veharanta F Providence College
14 Taylor Holza F Boston University
15 Brooke Fernandez D ZSC Lions, Zurich, Switzerland
16 Corinne Buie F Providence Friars
17 Denise Cardello F Castleton State College
18 Alexius Schutt G Sacred Heart University
19 Stephanie Ciampa G Mercyhurst University

The Blades season starts soon. I went to a game last year and watched Hilary Knight womp on Toronto and it was pretty fun. I encourage everyone to go see them. Pile on the...whatever arena they happen to be playing in, anyone?