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Fresh Links: Gotta get down on Friday edition

Only one more week of August. Training camp is SOON

Jim Rogash

Bruins news:

Do the Bruins need to make a trade to free up cap space for Torey Krug and Reilly Smith? Possibly. [Globe]

Here is Shawn Thornton in some sort of fashion show. With puppies. [Herald]

Other hockey stuff:

Champions league!!! Why you should be watching it. (tl;dr: because it's awesome.) [Chasing the Dragons]

J-S Giguere announced his retirement yesterday. [Avalanche]

The Hot Takery predicts the 2014-2015 regular season. [Hot takery]

Interesting piece on Corey Sznajder and his quest for new NHL data. [TSN]

Friday's a good day to laugh at the Winnipeg Jets, right? [Winnipeg Sun]

Pavel Datsyuk and Paul Bissonette did some excellent chirping on Twitter. [Twitter]

An ice bucket challenge using the Stanley Cup AND the Calder Cup, because...yeah, why not? [Twitter]