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Monday Morning Skate: Roughriders top Lions 20-16

Marianne Helm

Last night, the Saskatchewan Roughriders rode Chris Milo's leg and a late TD to victory over the rival BC Lions. BC got out to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter after an early field goal and a 75-yard punt return TD. Darien Durant, the Roughriders' starting QB, was also hurt. But the riders were undaunted, and responded with a field goal to start and finish the second quarter. BC still held a 13-9 lead at the half, however.

The two Western powerhouses traded field goals during the third, but the Lions couldn't stop Tino Sunseri from throwing a TD to Dan Clarkin the last play of the quarter. That pushed the Riders ahead for the first time all game, though it was only a three point lead.

The Roughriders managed to hold on, however, keeping BC off the scoreboard entirely and managing to score a rouge while they were at it.

Final score: 20-16. Riders win! This is their 5th win in a row, propelling them to a 6-2 record, good for third in the West.

Of note: the worst record in the west is still 2 wins better than the best record in the east. Bestern conference, indeed.