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We Love Jonathan Toews (And Meatball Dude!) Brent Seabrook, Not So Much.

I mean, I don't really hate Seabrook. I just couldn't think of anyone else on the Blackhawks to dislike.

Jeff Gross

Guy We Love: Jonathan Toews

Toews is the quite good captain of the quite good Chicago Blackhawks. With two Stanley Cup victories, two Olympic gold medals, a Selke trophy, a Conn Smythe trophy and whatever award the best forward at the 2010 Olympic Winter games receives, it's somewhat mind blowing when you realize this man-child is only 26.

Toews may not provide the point-per-game numbers of teammate and cab driver aficionado Patrick Kane, but he's got that Patrice Bergeron mojo going on - in that he's not going to lead your team in scoring but he's still the most integral player on the ice. If that makes sense. God I hope it does.

Honorable Mention:

Niklas Hjlmarsson - Meatball Enthusiast

Guy We Hate (I guess?): Brent Seabrook:

This was a tough one. I debated putting Corey Crawford, mainly due to the fact he's overrated as all hell. Then I looked at his numbers and realized I'm still ticked off he posted a .932 enroute to beating Boston in the 2013 Finals. Andrew Shaw crossed my mind, albeit briefly. I found it would be quite hypocritical to say that I hate a player like Shaw, while openly rooting for a team that employs Brad Marchand. They are, in essence, the same player.

So, with no options left, I chose Seabrook. I don't hate Seabrook, at all actually. In fact, I tend to acquire him in most of my Be A GM Modes despite his dwindling defensive abilities in real life. Seabrook is on this list solely because he scored the OT winner in Game 4 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. I was watching the game at a Buffalo Wild Wings and that's the saddest I've ever been at a sit-down restaurant (I cry most times I order from a drive-through). God damn you Brent.