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Wednesday Morning Skate: VROOM VROOM!

Introducing Stanley Cup of Motor Oil

Mark Thompson

Good morning, everyone! We've got some news. Today we are officially opening the doors for Stanley Cup of Motor Oil, your home for all things motorsports. As you know, there is a pretty decently sized racing fan community on here, and so now it has a home. It's very easy to get to, as well. Simply go to the same Stanley Cup of Chowder as ever, then append "/oil" to the URL, like so:

We're all varying degrees of excited about this, but it should be good. We're not promising a constant flow of content but now there's a home for it. If you'd like to write about motorsports, please get in touch. If you write a fanshot or a fanpost, let us know and we'll bump it to the Stanley Cup of Motor Oil page.

Vroom Vroom!