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Friday Morning Skate: UCL draw complete, Weston Dressler Back

Jeff Gross

Yesterday, two big things happened:

1. The UEFA Champions League Draw

All of the top european club soccer teams were placed into groups for the UEFA Champions League. Bayern got Manchester City, CSKA Moscow, and AS Roma. They also got Xabi Alonso in the transfer market, so  that's pretty cool. Liverpool are up against Real Madrid, Basel, and plucky underdog Ludogorets. Ludogorets is a team from Bulgaria. Their goalie got sent off in the last minute of overtime in the game to get them into through. So, a defender put on the goalie jersey and stepped in for penalties.

Imagine if the famous Flyers/Rangers for-a-playoff-spot last game of the season shootout had happened with Kimmo Timonen taking over for whoever the flyers goalie was at the time. Let's watch (Ludogorets in green, some other team in yellow.):

2. Weston Dressler signed with the Roughriders

Weston Dressler was a superstar receiver for the Saskatchewan Roughriders last year, playing a big role in them winning the Grey Cup. He was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs over the summer, so hasn't been in the CFL. He didn't make the 75-man roster in KC, so he came back to the CFL. Ottawa reportedly offered him a big contract for many years, but he spurned them to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the rest of the year. If he stays healthy, he can definitely still cash in next year.


So, what's on tap?