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Monday Morning Skate: Roughriders trounce REDBLACKS 38-14, keep name

Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo

Happy Monday y'all.

This past weekend, the Roughriders faced off against the Ottawa REDBLACKS, the expansion CFL team that's attempting to pick up where the Rough Riders dropped off back in 1996. As an expansion team, the REDBLACKS are doing about as well as you'd expect - 1-4 on the season, winning the first home game and nothing else. Darian Durant only threw one TD on the night. Will Ford had 2 1-yard Rushing TDs, and Travis Jackson ran back a missed field goal 111 yards. Chris Milo topped that off with 3 field goals.

The REDBLACKS scored their first points on an onside kick recovery for TD, the first of its kind in the CFL since 1999.

A good outing for the watermelon heads, to be sure.

What's on tap, y'all?