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Friday Morning Skate: Saskatchewan Roughriders beat Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 23-17

Marianne Helm

Last night, former Riders QB Drew Willy and his Winnipeg Blue Bombers welcomed the Saskatchewan Roughriders to town. They were very welcoming, in fact. Drew Willy may have forgotten which team he's on as the Riders defense caught 3 of his passes.

The first quarter saw Chris Milo and Lirim Hajrullahu traded field goals. Winnipeg pulled ahead in the second quarter on a Drew Willy 7-yard rushing TD. The Bombers defense held on and Winnipeg gave the hometown crowd hope as it took a 10-3 lead into the half.

But, as usual, hope is a misguided thing in Winnipeg. Late in the third period, Drew Willy was strip sacked deep in Winnipeg territory and David Lee collected the ball and returned it for a TD. Thanks, Drew!

The kickoff following the TD was fumbled by Winnipeg again and Saskatchewan marched down the field but were held to a field goal. 13-10, good guys. The next 9 minutes saw Hirim Hallaraju miss a field goal (but boot the ball hard enough to still earn a rouge) and Chris Milo kicked his third field goal of the night.

The last 5 or so minutes of the game saw Drew Willy throw 2 TDs. The first was a 12 yard pass to Bombers WR Rory Kohlert to go ahead 17-16 late in the fourth. The second was after the Roughriders offense turned the ball over on downs. Drew Willy threw a 28-yard pick-6 to Saskatchewan CB Terrell Maze. With just over two minutes left, the Roughriders led 22-17.

The ensuing possession had Saskatchewan DB Mark LeGree get his second interception of the game, leading to a last-minute rouge for Saskatchewan. The Bombers were unable to score with 30 seconds to go and the Roughriders won, 23-17.

Great day for the Roughriders Defense/Special Teams, bad day for the Roughriders offense. That's how football goes sometimes, I guess.

Anyways, what's on tap y'all?