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I Love Flower (?) and Not Much Else About Pittsburgh

*borat voice* that is a very age appropriate nickname not

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Why I Love Marc-Andre Fleury and His Bizarrely Childish Nickname:

Since their inception, Columbus has been the NHL's closest equivalent to a cesspool of shit. With a little help from Fleury fumbling around his own net, that briefly changed - and that's something I can appreciate for ever and ever and ever.

*Before he fought Patrice Bergeron in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals, I was quite found of Evgeni Malkin. But, uh, nobody touches Patrice and lives to talk about it.

I Mean, They're All Pretty Annoying:

It's natural to find the most competitive team in your conference particularly annoying. As is the case with both Montreal and Pennsylvania's talented group of flightless bastards. 

Sidney Crosby is the best player in the world - it's not open for discussion. Malkin is an elite talent, Kris Letang has become synonymous with Norris consideration and the combination of Marcel Goc and Nick Spaling filling bottom six roles reflect the talent level of Pittsburgh's improving bottom six.

They're a legitimate number one goalie and veteran defenseman away from being a regular in the Stanley Cup Final, so there's not much trash talk warranted here, to be honest.

Sorry if this was boring.