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Monday Morning Skate: Roughriders' win streak over

Dave Sandford

Yesterday, as Chandler Jones was blocking a kick and returning it for a touchdown, the Roughriders were attempting their first win without Adrian Durant. Sunseri, his former backup, did okay in his absense. Unfortunately, just "okay" wasn't nearly enough.

Saskatchewan was down to Hamilton - an eastern team! - by 10 at the half, and it didn't get any prettier. The 10-yard field goal by Chris Milo was the only time the Riders got on the board at all.

Despite losing 3-28, the Roughriders are still sitting in 2nd in the west. It was Hamilton's third win of the season, which puts them at first in the East. Yeah, the east is a joke. Looking forward to the crossover western team coming out of those playoffs.

Anyways, what's on tap?