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The Sabres Owner Is Buying All His Favorite Things And I Respect That.

My family has strong ties to the snowy, Lake-Erie-abyss; so forgive me if you're one of those people who insist on hating every team in your division. We probably wouldn't be good friends anyway.

Tom Szczerbowski

The Coolest Guy In Northern New York:

His first name is Terrance, he's an alumnus of Penn State University and he's a natural gas tycoon worth an estimated $3.3 billion. Terrance "Terry" Pegula is the brand-spanking-new owner of the Buffalo Bills, has owned the now-Ryan-Miller-Less Buffalo Sabres since 2011 - a move that also acquired the Buffalo Bandits of the National Lacrosse League - and purchased the Rochester, New York based, and extremely American American Hockey League franchise, the Rochester Americans in 2012. Oh, and he's the monetary reason behind Penn State hockey's jump from the ACHA to Division I. No big deal.

Pegula's purchase of the Bills is, so far, my favorite move by the native of Carbondale, Pennsylvania. By purchasing the Bills, Pegula keeps my second favorite NFL franchise in it's inaugural city; considering Jon Bon Jovi's Toronto-based group was foaming at the mouth just thinking about the possibility of an NFL team in Ontario's most populated city. Also, Pegula kept Donald Trump from owning a professional sports franchise. And that's really cool. We all dodged a bullet there.

Is There Anybody In Buffalo I Don't Like:

Yes. Brian Gionta and Josh Gorges have always been a pain in the ass, in that I'm not fond of either of them because they're annoying and were previously employed by the Canadiens. I don't hate everyone associated with the Canadiens, but these two really exemplified that whole "small, fast, divey, whiny" mentality that seems to find its way onto the majority of Montreal's roster spots.

Plus, Gorges fought Patrice Bergeron. Where the hell do you get off, Josh?

The good news, though, is that Bergeron kicked his ass. Which is expected because Patrice.

Also, how did this moron get into Boston College?