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Who has the coolest siblings? Metropolitan Edition

Today, we're looking at the sister cities of our Metropolitan buddies to the South. Shockingly, New York is very mediocre in this department.

the Ostrava Muscle in action against his hometown's sister city.
the Ostrava Muscle in action against his hometown's sister city.
Dilip Vishwanat
We've got nothin': Uniondale, Newark

Uniondale (home of Your Pile On The Isle at Nassau Coliseum) has no sister cities. Even the Islanders' future home, Brooklyn, has no sister cities with hockey teams. And Newark, despite having 14 sister cities, doesn't have any with hockey teams either. Newark seems to be twinned with about half of Brazil and Portugal, so that...sort of makes sense?

Shockingly sub-par: New York

New York is twinned with a lot of high-profile cities: Cairo, Tokyo, Rome, Madrid, London. And yet, the only one we care about for these purposes is Budapest, Hungary - home of Ferencvárosi TC. They play in the national league of Hungary, the OB I bajnokság, and have won that league 25 times since the club's inception in 1928. Their arena is called Pesterzsébeti Jégcsarnok, and it has a capacity of 1,500. Hockey isn't super high-profile in Hungary, but it's still pretty cool that this team is only two years younger than its sister city's team, the Rangers.

Now we're getting somewhere: Columbus

Columbus has ten sister cities, and only one has a hockey team. It's a DEL-2 (German league) team in Dresden, Germany, called the Dresden Eislöwen (Ice Lions). They play in the 4,200 seat EnergieVerbund Arena and were almost relegated to the third league in the 2011-2012 season, but saved themselves in the relegation round. The team was founded in 1990 - ten years before the Blue Jackets!

KHL Problems: Philly

Philadelphia is twinned with ten cities: two in Italy, one in Cameroon, and various other non-hockey cities around the world. The only hockey-playing city is Nizhny Novgorod, home of the KHL's Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. They play in the 5,500 seat Trade Union Sport Palace and were founded in 1946 - over 20 years before the Flyers. In all of the KHL's various iterations over the years, the Torpedo have never had a lot of success - they placed fourth in playoffs in 1995, but that's about it. Currently, they have a former NHL player in Wojtek Wolski.

Most of a league: Washington

DC is the first team on our list with multiple hockey-playing sisters: Seoul, who play host to the South Korean Military team we covered yesterday called Daemyung Sangmu - and Ankara, where four of the six teams in the Turkish league play. The league's current champions, Başkent Yıldızları, play at the 1,150 seat Ankara Ice Palace and were founded in 1998.

I see England, I see France: Raleigh

Raleigh is twinned with five cities, two of which have ice hockey teams. This might be the best hockey cities to total sister cities ratio in the league. The cities are Kingston-Upon-Hull in England and Compiègne, France. The Hull Stingrays play in the Elite Ice Hockey League, the same league as the Belfast Giants, and HC Compiègne plays in France's division 2 league. The Stingrays were founded in 1988, they play in the 3,150-seat Hull Arena, and their coach until this year was Dan Cloutier's brother Sylvain. They've never won the EIHL, and they struggled financially for a bit, but seem to be doing okay now.

The Hurricanes' other twin team is called HC Compiègne, nicknamed "Les Lions." They play in the Patinoire de Mercières, which has a capacity of....360. Three hundred and sixty. How tiny! They play in France's Division-2, and they're actually home to one American player - Paul Weisser, who played for Suffolk University and hails from Longmeadow, MA.

Winners, Metro Division: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is twinned with seventeen cities. SEVENTEEN! It also holds the distinction of being the only metro division team to be twinned with another american city - Cherry Hill, NJ, home of American Treasure Bobby Ryan. Aside from that, three of their other sister cities have a significant hockey presence - Sheffield in the UK, home of the Steelers of the EIHL; Ostrava, Czech Republic, home of Roman Polak and the Vitkovice Steel of the Czech Extraliga; and Prešov, Slovakia, home of HC 07 Presov of Slovakia's tier-2 "1.Liga."

The Sheffield Steelers (let's take a minute to boggle at the coincidence that Pittsburgh is twinned with a city whose team is the STEELERS because holy crap, amazing) were the first fully professional team in the UK, and were founded in 1991. They play in the 8,500 seat Motorpoint Arena, and have won the Elite League three times.

Seriously it's like they planned this:

The Vitkovice Steel (AGAIN WITH THE STEEL-THEME, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE) play in the ČEZ Aréna, the fourth-largest hockey arena in the Czech Republic, with a capacity of 12,500. They were founded in 1928, and they play in the highest-tier Czech league, the Extraliga, and they've produced NHL alumni like Marek Malik, Filip Kuba, Pavel Kubina, and of course, the Ostrava Muscle himself - Roman Polak. Don't open that door.

Next up: the Central division!