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Roberto Luongo is a national treasure. Dave Bolland can go fall in a hole.

Bruce Bennett
Player we love: Roberto Luongo

Take yourself back to like, oh, June 9th or so in 2011. The infamous tire-pumping quote happened, the Vancouver Canucks were the heinous villains from Canada, and Roberto Luongo was their de facto figurehead. Six days later we were pointing fingers and laughing at their historic collapse, with Luongo at the center of it. Tim Thomas was the cheeseburger goalie of our hearts, and Luongo? Nah. Just a loser.

Fast forward a few months. A year, maybe.

Without the emotions of the final, and up one twitter account, Roberto Luongo has become this amazing tragicomic figure. His self-depreciating humor under the handle @strombone1, combined with Tim Thomas' descent into crazy town, has flipped things around in a way I'm sure most Bruins fans never would have imagined.

It'd be a cop-out to just post tweets for the rest of this article, but I almost want to do just that; from the way he broke his trade to Florida on twitter (a single palm-tree emoji) to his bromances with fellow current and former Canucks netminders Eddie Lack and Cory Schneider, to his devastation when Thomas was traded to Dallas - Luongo is a gem, a delight, a PR dream. He'll be perfect for the Panthers, and...oh, screw it, let's just look at his best tweets.

Basically: if you told me in June 2011 that someday I'd feel vague distaste for Tim Thomas and heaps of love for Bobby Lu, I'd have thought you were crazy - but here we are.

Player we hate: Dave Bolland

Yeah, fuck that guy. FUUUUUUCK that guy.