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HOCKEY'S BACK! And these are the players I'm excited about

Let's get our mother-f*cking excitement on!

Lucic is excited, and so are we.
Lucic is excited, and so are we.
Jared Wickerham

Here we are, one day away from the start of the Bruins pre-season. One day into the very first pre-season games for other teams. The ice is new, the records and slates are clean, there's a fall snap in the air: it's basically the very best time of the year!!

....for about another week and a half, when all of a sudden the realities of losses, injuries, bad reporting and worse commentary, internet fights, terrible contracts, and unfathomable trades sink in. The hockey season is a roller coaster, to be sure, but right now it's a lot like a clean sheet of ice before a team takes warmups. So before we get bogged down in the petty complaints, the not-so petty complaints, the bitching about live-tweeting pre-season games (oh wait), the losing streaks and questionable hits, we at SCOC wanted to take a hot second to revel in how goddamn excited we are for the season that is yet to come!* This will be a series of posts that will take us right up through opening night. We'll talk players. We'll take favorite moves. We'll take favorite Bruins memes. It's gonna be great.

(*No worry, haters, your time will come. The season is only a week and half way, after all!)

First up:

Players we cannot f*cking wait to see back on the ice

That's right, it's time to give a shoutout to those players we are super pumped to see back in game action. Bruins players, of course, but also players on other teams who are exciting to watch/have the potential to do crazy shit this year. This isn't objective, or based on anything other thank personal preference. Here, I'll start, then you guys go!

1. Nathan motherf*cking MacKinnon

Calder winner. Rookie extraordinaire. Halifax standout. Kid's got speed, he's got creativity, and I almost lost my mind when I saw him score his first NHL in person against the Caps. I can't wait to see what he's got in store in his sophomore season.

2. Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Silky. It's the only word. He's a guy I appreciated on TV, then saw play in person and was blown away. He makes watching 'Yotes games a fun time.

3. Oviiiiii.

Fuck the haters, seriously. Dude's amazing.

...and speaking of which:

4. Sidney Crosby

There are too many, so have this goal he scored in his first game, post-concussion/neck issues. Gorg.

5. Perfect Patrice. Because naturally.

Get back on my tv, Patrice Bergeron.

6. The kids.

Rookies (to the NHL) of all flavors--Jonathan Drouin. Ryan Spooner. David Pastrnak. So many more.

7. Sean Couturier

I love this dude. He's got the potential to be in the Bergeron mode (not as good, obvi). Hoping this is his year.

8. Brendan Gallagher. Please stop throwing tomatoes.

Look, I know he's a Hab. Do I still own a Gallagher player shirt? I do. Kid's got moxie. He's a pest with talent, and I have a soft spot in my heart for those types. (cough-marchand-cough).

9. Steven Stamkos

I want to see a fully healthy, career year from him. I want to be blown away. He makes it looks so easy. Also, he's hilarious.

10. Chris Kelly

I know, I know. Do I think he's overpaid? I do. Is the NTC stupid? You bet. Are there better youngins who should maybe take his place? Probably. Do I love him anyway, and am I super excited to see him playing again after his injury-riddled last two season? DAMN RIGHT. *clings to Kelly player shirt*

CKSHPS. Never forget.

Alright, that's just a small sampling of the players around the league I am super excited to see back in action. Now you go!!! Who's getting you pumped for 2014-15?