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Bruins' mediocre defense blows it, Canadiens win 3-2

Oh it's just preseason, calm down.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Well, a 3-2 loss isn't the optimal way to start the preseason, but there were definitely some good things to take away from this game. The Bruins got things going in the first period with goals by Ryan Spooner and Matt "Froyo" Fraser, but the Habs got one back with a minute to go, as Jiri Sekac put one behind Svedberg. Svedbest kept it 2-1 through the entire second period, and Subban allowed one by Christian Thomas in the third to tie it at 2-2. Drayson Bowman got one late off a Christian Thomas pass to make it 3-2.

The Good:

- The GPS line got things going early! That was pretty great. Ryan Spooner's going to be a firecracker on that line. Simon Gagne took a couple of dumb penalties and looked like he hasn't played hockey in a year. Which isn't...good, per se, but it's preseason, so...we'll give him a pass. Spooner also had a sweet shorthanded breakaway.

-  Niklas Svedberg and Malcolm Subban both looked really decent. Each made a few spectacular saves, both of their pads looks incredible, here's hoping they have a solid backup battle this year.

- Canadiens fans actually cheered for Malcolm Subban when he came out in the third, so that's pretty cool.

- Matt Fraser's goal in the first period was niiiiiiice.

- The only other truly noticeable rookie was Brian Ferlin. He got involved really well in a few plays on Carl Soderberg's wing.

The Bad:

- Warsofsky looked really...mediocre. Please sign a contract, Krug. Please. Come back to us.

- The stream. Goddammit, RDS, why are you so French.

- The McCarron hit. Warsofsky sent him sprawling face-first into the goalpost and he was very slow to get up. Hoping he's okay.

- This was all very nice but I'm ready for real hockey now I think.

- Chris Casto was basically responsible for two of the three goals tonight. Go to Providence, son. Shhh, just go.

GIFS (all gifs by @myregularface)

SPOONER GOAL!! the GPS line reached it's destination really early!

Sveddy nearly own-goals..

PK doin' PK things

The McCarron hit which looked pretty bad. Thankfully he got off the ice on his own.

oh nooooo Habs take the lead. BLOWN COVERAGE FOR DAYS. Seriously, Casto and Morrow, what'cha doin'?

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