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Marty Walsh would never consider moving the beanpot ever

Still supports a tournament in Belfast, just not at the expense of one of Boston's finer traditions.


After the story we posted earlier based on a BBC report, I was contacted by Kate Norton, the Press Secretary for The Mayor of Boston, Martin J. Walsh. She had this to say:

Today Mayor Walsh expressed his support for a ‘Belfast Beanpot’ – an initiative proposed by the Odyssey Trust, to host 4-6 college hockey teams from the Boston area to play a tournament in Northern Ireland. The tournament would not replace the Beanpot. This would not be an effort to ‘move’ the Beanpot out of Boston.

I spoke with the Mayor following the impressive press and social media firestorm that followed his interview earlier today. He conveyed to me, in no uncertain terms, that – particularly as a Boston College grad and a hockey fan – he would never move a classic Boston event like the Beanpot out of our City.

That was the whole text of the message. Apparently, the Mayor (or at least his Press Secretary) is listening to what we all have to say, and is willing to listen.

And honestly, if it wasn't replacing the actual Beanpot tournament at The Gahden, I think a Belfast Beanpot-esque College Hockey Tournament with Boston teams would be pretty damn cool. If funds allowed, I'd try to go. They might have to invite Umass Lowell, though.