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Marty St. Louis is not a BAD GUY but Chris Kreider is

Mike Carlson

I love Martin St. Louis. Love him.

As a huge NCAA hockey fan, MSL is the epitome of the college hockey dream scenario. Passed up due to size concerns in his draft year, he went to the University of Vermont and posted 91-176-267 in 139 games played. Seven years later, he was an NHL star with an Art Ross, a Hart and a Stanley Cup trophy in his collection.

He's tied for fifth all time in points per game in his '30 (1.04 PPG) and 14th in points. MSL has notched 60 points every year since '02-'03. In total he's tallied 981 points in 1060 games. Not bad for a guy who was thought to be too small to even merit taking a flyer on. St. Louis is a legend and he's still going strong.

MSL's public opinion took a dramatic nose dive during the course of the season after forcing his way out of Tampa Bay. Not so much in my eyes. Playing hockey in the NHL is a job, like any other. I don't know where you work, but I have teammates in my office that depend on me as I do on them. If I were to hypothetically leave due to dissatisfaction or better opportunities elsewhere, would I be chastised by peers or onlookers? I'd like to assume not. And yet, in sports, athletes are not granted this freedom. I'm not sure why, but my thoughts on St. Louis remain wholly positive.

Chris Kreider on the other hand - don't like him. He was the lynchpin behind the most heartbreaking loss I've ever experienced. This is all I have to add:

Never been more disappointed.