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Who's Who? Results of choosing players by numbers

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The results of choosing players without bias, only looking at their numbers

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

You cannot judge players by numbers alone.

It might seem odd that I said that, because I just asked you to do that, but solely looking at the numbers to determine who should play, and who shouldn't. However, when expectations drastically differ in both the eye test and by looking at the numbers

There were three clear cut favorites at each position, with the remaining ones far behind.


The three frontrunners:

B: 132 thumbs up - Dan Paille

C: 123 thumbs up - Seth Griffith

D: 78 thumbs up - Craig Cunningham

The two who fell behind:

E: 28 thumbs up - Jordan Caron

A: 24 thumbs up - Gregory Campbell


The three runaways:

K: 116 thumbs up - Zach Trotman

F: 114 thumbs up - Matt Bartkowski

L: 109 thumbs up - Torey Krug

Battling for the fourth spot:

G: 62 thumbs up - Adam McQuaid

I: 39 thumbs up - Dennis Seidenberg

All votes tallies at midnight

I just want to remind you that this was over this year, and the previous two years, so Seidenberg's injury should have a minimal affect on this. He still had a year and a half of "top pairing" minutes to offset this years. Even so, those who voted found that the Bruins had better options than him based on the numbers. However, he leads the Bruins in 5on5 time on ice this year by nearly two minutes, and second on the Bruins in all situations time on ice to Zdeno Chara by 40 seconds.

For others, there is the issue of a small sample size, with Joe Morrow having only played 228 minutes at 5on5 and just the one year, and Zach Trotman with not much more. For forwards, Craig Cunningham only played 195 minutes at 5on5, and one of his goals was shorthanded

The Bruins current fourth line center has yet to be a healthy scratch this year in 44 games. Dennis Seidenberg leads the Bruins in even strength time on ice this year (although injuries have forced that a bit). The numbers don't lie, and the Bruins should reconsider their deployment of both of them.

For those who want to look at war-on-ice, where I got all of these stats from