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R.I.P. Bob Wilson, 1929-2015

Radio voice of the Bruins for 20 years

Bob WIlson with Gaucher and Jack
Bob WIlson with Gaucher and Jack

The Bruins announced earlier today that Bob Wilson, longtime radio announcer for the Bruins, had died at the age of 85 on Thursday. Cam Neely had this to say in a press release:

On behalf of the Boston Bruins organization, we are saddened to learn of the passing of Bob Wilson. For a generation of New England hockey fans, Bob's legendary voice was synonymous with the Bruins and he will always be a part of our club's history. Our thoughts are with Nancy and their children during this difficult time.

For the latecomers to the Bruins, here are some clips to catch you up. Let's start with Bob Wilson getting interviewed back in March 2011, when the Bruins dedicated their home radio broadcast booth to him. If you look up at the 9th level, you can see two Gold boxes in front of two of the booths there. The left box is the TV box, and the right one is the Bob Wilson Radio Booth. Here's the video the Bruins put together to mark the occasion:

Here he is on the day of the honoring, talking to the media:

And here are a couple clips of him calling games. I hear a "This Building Is Moving!" in there:

And lastly, this is about 15 minutes of Bob Wilson calling the May 16th, 1978 loss to Montreal in the playoffs. It was recorded off the radio onto a tape for someone in the air force at the time.

Thanks for all the years, Bob. Rest in peace.

If you have any Bob Wilson memories you'd like to share, please do.