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Winter Classic 2016: What jersey should the Bruins wear?

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Earlier, we reported that the Winter Classic will, in fact, be Bruins/Habs at Gillette Stadium. The next important decision, then, is what to wear. So we've gotten together and found some ideas for you.

Option 1: Justin Nahhas' Icethetics Concept

From Justin Nahhas on Icethetics, this was originally a concept idea for the 90th anniversary. The Winter Classic is often a time for throwbacks, and this is the throwback colors:

Option 2: 1940s alts Jerseys

Intrepid Blogger Dan "bruinshockeynowdan" Ryan put forth the idea of them wearing the gold alts with the "baseball script:

A version of these is available for sale these days, and I sort of doubt that they'd go with this.

Option 3: Numbers on the front

Sometime commenter Weber King suggested this one. I like it. I like it a lot, even if it might be tough for them to sell "numberless" jerseys like this:

Option 4: 2014 Pan-Mass Challenge Team Uniforms

The pan-mass challenge is a long bike ride for charity. The Bruins always have a team riding, and they get snazzy uniforms. Here's last year's team:

Yeah, that would look pretty good. They could even put it on a hockey jersey for the game.

Option 5: #TeamPooh

C'mon, you know you want them to rock the frightened bear in mega-90s fringe. Pooh Bears are the only ones that make sense.


If you don't like any of these options, feel free to let us know what they should wear down below. Or come up with your own concept entirely.

So, what's our best option?