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Harry How/Getty Images

I was over by the Garden on Saturday and I saw a guy in a Free Marchand" shirt. I asked him where he got it, and he said it was from the time Brad Marchand tried to kill Sami Salo.

He said, "I figured it was a good investment at the time. Sure it was $15, but I knew I would get a good amount of use out of it."

And here we are, at the end of another (deserved) suspension for the Menace from the Maritimes. I doubt it'll be the last, either. I love that little bastard.

Granted, most of that is due to him playing very, very good hockey for the Bruins. But I'd be lying if the non-injurious antics didn't pull at the ol' heartstrings, as well.

That, and the hate directed at him by his hometown. You've gotta be pretty bad to be as disliked as he is way up north in his hometown.

Good morning. What's on tap?