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REPORT: No Truth to "Marty Walsh offers Winter Classic 2016 to Ireland" rumor

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

No seriously, there's no way they let this get away from them while they're bidding for the Olympics.

But while I was looking for stuff to make up a fake article, here's a tidbit I found from the campaign trail from an interview in Boston Magazine (Emphasis mine):

BM: This may be a surprise to you, because I saw you celebrating after you won the preliminary election and you are quite the dancer. But there have been allegations that Boston is not the most fun city in the world. What are three things that you can do to make it more fun?

WALSH: One is ease the permitting process. We have a lot of opportunities to bring festivals to this city. We have opportunities to bring in events like the Final Four and the Winter Classic, which I’ve heard won’t come back because of the permitting process. Two, allow restaurants to be open later at night and in certain cases serve beer and wine late at night. And also, look at our nightlife and come up with a true plan that can keep our nightlife open later. And in doing all of that, we need to make sure our MBTA stays open later as well.

Looks like he's following through on that, at least.