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2015 NHL All-Star Draft live stream: Time, TV schedule, players and how to watch online

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Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Finally! It is the weekend we have all been waiting for! At long last Patrice Bergeron will play in the all-star game! Time to glue ourselves to our TVs for this fantastic display of hockey skill and amazingness!

Okay, it's not THAT exciting. But stuff like the draft and the skills competition are pretty fun to watch. Remember that time Phil Kessel got picked last and Alexander Ovechkin laughed his ass off and took pictures the whole time? Yeah, that was pretty great.

Here's the schedule of events for the draft. It takes place tonight at 8PM on NBCSN (there may also be a stream online, which we'll tweet a link to when it's up), at which point Jonathan "Footface" Toews and Nick "Why Am I An All-Star" Foligno will begin selecting teams. Toews' assistant captains are Rick Nash and Ryan Getzlaf, and Foligno's are Drew Doughty and Patrick Kane. They'll alternate selecting the 36 remaining all-stars, and then divide up the six remaining rookies at the conclusion of the draft.

Meanwhile, Patrice Bergeron has been doing cool things in Columbus today: