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Kevan Miller: Hal Gill 2.0?

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Gill: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images, Miller: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There aren't many chants that your typical Bruins crowd will take up in unison. One of them, however, goes like this:

Hal Gill Sucks! Hal Gill Sucks!

And it's true. He sorta does. However, the Bruins are apparently thinking of trading Matt Bartkowski to Vancouver for Kassian. The rumor got me to thinking: Haven't we seen a Kevan Miller before? Is hen't he pretty much just Hal Gill 2.0? The idea isn't as crazy to me as I first thought. Let's get a tale of the tape, first:

Height 6'7" 6'2"
Weight 243 lbs 210 lbs
BMI 26.4 27.0

So, Miller is giving up 5 inches and 33 pounds. However, he's got a 0.6 higher BMI. Now, let's digress for a second and say that BMI is bogus, but for this particular comparison I don't have another measure. Don't take this for approval or endorsement. There are better ways to measure this stuff. BMI does, however, give us numbers to compare with. For whatever that's worth. Anyways, moving on to counting stats:

GP in Boston 626 80
G in Boston 20 2
A in Boston 77 9
P in Boston 97 11

Gill played in Boston for a lot longer than Miller has, but their scoring with the Bruins is pretty similar: atrociously low. There have been 49 skaters to don the Black and Gold for 500+ games in this franchise's long history. Of those 49, Gill ranks 48th in goals per game, 49th in assists per game, and 49th in points per game. If it weren't for Bob Armstrong's 13 goals in 542 games from 1950-62, Gill would be dead last in all three. It should be noted that Armstrong did manage to score more points in those 542 games than Gill did in 626.

Hal Gill Sucks! Hal Gill Sucks!

How about Miller?

To be fair to Miller, I'm going to cut it to just players in the seasons he's been on the team. I'm also going to drop the cutoff from 80 to 65, which should account for the 626 to 500 dropoff in games played. Of the 18 skaters fit that criteria, we find a similar pattern. 17th in goals, 18th in assists, 18th in points. Miller's Bob Armstrong in this case is, of course, Matt Bartkowski, with 0 regular season goals. Scored a playoff goal, though. Let's look at playoff performance, while we're at it.

GP in Boston 36 11
G in Boston 0 0
A in Boston 2 2
P in Boston 2 2
PIM in Boston 28 8

Granted, Hal Gill played here for many more years than Miller did. So, I cut the leaderboard down a bit. I included every year from when Hal Gill started in 1997-98 to the present, and I only counted defensemen that had 10+ playoff games. This left us with a pretty manageable 25 players. First of all, Chara has played 96 playoff games for Boston. That's insane. But this isn't about him. This is about 2 guys who sit outside the top 20 in a 25-player group: Ol' Gill and young Miller. Two peas in a very slow pod. Granted, if you go by points per game, Miller is tied with such luminaries as Shane Hnidy and Kyle McLaren inside that top 20 (at 17). Miller's 2 assists were both secondary assists. Hal Gill? Well, you know what they say...

Hal Gill Sucks! Hal Gill Sucks!

There'd be a fancy-stat section here, but unfortunately the proper stats weren't being counted back in Ol' Gill's days as a Boston Bruin. Miller's are...not-super. So, we're going to have to skip right ahead to the conclusion. Is Kevan Miller Hal Gill 2.0? Mostly yes, but in a smaller package. He's got all the lack-of-scoring that Gill brought, as well as the faith from management. If he's lucky, he'll be skated around by opposing forwards for years to come. If we're lucky, he'll get a sense of humor about things and take "family portraits" with traffic cones. I think we've got a long way to go until we're there, though.