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Skating Strides - UConn vs. BU on Saturday

It's for a cause, and it's free. So, like, you should go. (Number 8 centers the second line. It's very important you know that.)

Skating Strides, a breast cancer awareness and women's hockey initiative, is wrapping up its ninth season in the coming weeks. But, before it hibernates until next Fall, y'all should head over to UConn's Mark Edward Freitas Ice Forum this Saturday for a 3 pm showdown between sixth-ranked Boston University (16-6-2) and the Lady Huskies (7-14-6)*.

*(It should be noted that Huskies are not the antagonist from the film The Grey, starring Liam Neeson. Those wretched beasts are gray wolves, not huskies. I only say this because up until a quick Google search five minutes ago, I thought the two animals were synonymous. I'm 21.)

Anyways, if you're sick of looking at the neighborhood children scream and throw themselves into the mounds of snow surrounding your house, get in your car and make your way to Connecticut's flagship university for some quality hockey!

UConn has one of the league's best, young goaltenders in freshman Annie Belanger (3-6-2, .920), and BU is bolstered by two of Hockey East's top scorers, junior Sarah Lefort (15-15-30) and senior Marie-Philip Poulin (17-10-27).

Both teams also employ a fair amount of Canadians, and they really have a knack for this whole "ice sports" thing, so some exciting things are bound to happen.

UConn will also be wearing pink jerseys - and if you don't think that's cool, you need to get a grip.

But seriously, if you live in the area, are a fan of good hockey and have nothing to do on Saturday afternoon, come to the game. If you do come, bring skates, because you can lace them up and skate with the team afterwards - or so the flyer says.

I've been duped by flyers before, especially at the supermarket, so forgive my hesitation. If you come, you can vent to me about your supermarket trials and tribulations. I'll be sitting next to my friend who plays the saxophone and his bae.