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A graphical comparison of Matt Bartkowski and Zach Kassian by Domenic Galamini

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Grant Halverson/Getty Images

If you're on twitter, I strongly recommend you follow Domenic Galamini at @MimicoHero. He provides some pretty graphs and interesting comparisons of different players. One thing he'll do is pretty pretty graphs. Recently, he did one for a Canucks blog looking at the Zach Kassian/Matt Bartkowski rumor. Here's what he found:

First off is Matt Bartkowski, apparent top-4 defenseman, with top-pairing scoring. If only someone had mentioned that before. I can't for the life of me figure out why he's yet to take the ice in 2015. I'm sure Claude has a plan. That involves playing Seidenberg way too much, but I digress. Here's the chart:

And in this corner, apparent Bruins trade target Zach Kassian. Got that third-line talent running wild, but his game is all offense, no defense. Can't imagine for the life of me why Chiarelli would want to add a floaty winger like Kassian to this Bruins team.

Anyways, if you liked these graphs, give @MimicoHero a follow. What do you think about the trade rumor?