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Report: Bruins sign Justin Hickman. No, not that one. The other one.

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Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

Per Kirk Luedeke, the Bruins have signed Seattle Thunderbirds captain Justin Hickman as he undergoes shoulder surgery:

Who is Justin Hickman? No, not the UCLA Bruin special-teamer for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats:

Justin Hickman the hockey player scored 34 points in 70 games in his age-18 WHL year. He was named captain the following year, and as a twenty year old didn't quite hit point per game before his season was shortened by the afore-mentioned shoulder surgery. For reference, here are all of our forwards from this year, plus Dougie Hamilton, listed by their Points Per Game at age 18 in the CHL:

Name League GP P PPG
Simon Gagne QMJHL 61 120 1.967
Marc Savard OHL 47 87 1.851
Dougie Hamilton OHL 50 72 1.440
Ryan Spooner OHL 64 81 1.266
Brad Marchand QMJHL 59 73 1.237
Alexander Khokhlachev OHL 56 69 1.232
Jordan Caron QMJHL 56 67 1.196
Chris Kelly OHL 68 77 1.132
Daniel Paille OHL 54 57 1.056
Patrice Bergeron (17) QMJHL 70 73 1.043
Milan Lucic WHL 70 68 0.971
Gregory Campbell OHL 65 63 0.969
Seth Griffith OHL 68 62 0.912
Craig Cunningham WHL 72 50 0.694
Justin Hickman WHL 70 34 0.486
Matt Fraser WHL 63 24 0.381

And then there's this:

Granted, most hockey players have terrible taste in music. I hope this isn't THE MOVE that'll save the team, because at first glance it looks like this guy shouldn't spend a lot of time on NHL ice.