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The Boston Bruins will be on Road to the Winter Classic on EPIX, narrated by a Bruins fan

Bill Camp returns, is wicked excited

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The NHL has announced that they are continuing their deal with EPIX for "Road to the Winter Classic" this season. And, as the Bruins will be in the Winter Classic, that means that they'll be on it! So, if you can't get enough Behind The B, this is great news for you. It'll start in December and run through the end of the year. Here's the schedule:

  • Premiere – Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 10pm ET/PT, 9C
  • Episode 2 – Wednesday, Dec. 23 at 10pm ET/PT, 9C
  • Episode 3 – Wednesday, Dec. 30 at 10pm ET/PT, 9C
  • Episode 4- Wednesday, January 6 at 10pm ET/PT, 9C

Narration will be done by Bruins fan Bill Camp again this year. Here he is from last season, talking about the series:

These are also not controlled by the Bruins directly, so that should mean we might get something slightly more interesting than pure propaganda. Just kidding, it'll be produced by the NHL. But it should still be good. Here's hoping that Bill is able to put a fan mark on the production.

Oh yeah, the habs will be on there too, I guess.