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Blades move Tremblay to blue line

Rookie forward Ellie Tremblay will now be playing D for the Blades.

One of the questions of the Boston Blades' new roster was how they would deal with only five defensemen on the roster. At the time, Blades General Manager Krista Patronick said that there was the possibility that a forward may play back in certain situations. Now, the team has made the decision to move forward Ellie Tremblay to D full time.

Patronick explained that the switch was made after seeing how Tremblay and veteran Tara Watchorn played together during the Blades' preseason game on Oct. 11.

"She's a very versatile forward so coach thought it would be an easy transition for her. I think she's excited to get back on the blue line. I thought she and Tara moved the puck well when they were paired together on Sunday," Patronick said in an email. She continued, saying that Tremblay has past experience on D.

The roster constructed by Patronick had just 5 defensemen. The addition of Tremblay will even out the pairings.

The move was first rumored on the Blades official podcast this week.