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Weekend Morning Skate: Road Sweet Road Edition

Always nice, the day after a win.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all!

So, this is weird, but for some reason, the links are not wanting to cooperate with me tonight. I want to get something written so you guys can have a space to yap about anything and everything this weekend, and as the links aren't working, let's just call this a Morning Skate, with links to be added later!

So...lots of things we could discuss.

  • Is Joonas Kemppainen Seventh Player Award Material?
  • Who are these "Bruins" anyway? They can both score and give up two goals in two the same game!
  • When will the Bruins win their first home game? And which will come first: A Blue Jackets win...anywhere, a Canadiens loss, or a Bruins home win?
  • Why do we have to wait three whole days before we see hockey again?
Anyways, the floor is yours.