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Gave money, got Top Shelf Cookies, helped students before Halloween!

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Top Shelf Cookies

Ladies, Gentlemen, and computer-using dogs, I have an exciting win-win-win for us all. And the best part? You get cookies. Not just any cookies, but TOP SHELF COOKIES. Here's the real short version on how to get those cookies:

  • Go to the donation page before halloween, aka the 31st. Use coupon code "SPARK" to get anything up to $100 matched.
  • Give over $20, knowing that any donation up to $100 will be matched when you use coupon code "SPARK". (We recommend more than the minimum)
  • Screenshot your receipt of donation and email it to with your flavor choice.

I know that when I give money, I like to know what it's all about. So here's the backstory. Those of you in the know are aware that occasional contributor (and often awesome) Heather has been trying to get the twitter handle @topshelfcookies for a while. It belonged to a fan of the Buffalo Sabres, and they worked out a deal. From Heather:

Turns out she is a sixth grade teacher in an urban school where the poverty rate is high and most families don’t have internet access at home. So she’s fundraising to get some ipad minis into her classroom. I gladly donated to this worthy cause and thought it would be great we could get more help for her! So here’s the deal - any donations of up to $100 are matched by 10/31 by using the code "SPARK" I’d like to sweeten the pot for folks - I’ve posted to my Facebook page about this, but I wanted to get the reach out to the hockey folks.

Anyone donating $20 or more before 10/31 - I’ll ship them a dozen Top Shelf Cookies. I just need the screenshot and flavor choice emailed to

We're happy to be working with Heather and Heather to make sure she can accomplish these goals.

To recap:

  • Any donation that comes in before Halloween will get matched up to $100 by Donor's Choose, who host the fundraiser. Use code "SPARK"
  • Any donation that comes in before Halloween that is over $20 will get you a batch of free cookies from Top Shelf Cookies.

I am proud to say that the Stanley Cup of Chowder community has shown quite a bit of generosity in the past, especially if it involves cookies. So, give today.


Thank you to all who gave. Now the only way to get Top Shelf Cookies is to buy them, which you should also do. They are delicious.