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Coyotes vs Bruins Game Thread Recap

A little recchogition for those of you who slaved over our game thread - Leftover Chowder will be a day-after-the-game stream featuring silly Chowder things, like Drunken Diaries, Game Thread recaps, etc.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

First Period Thread:

Per usual, Chowder maintains an excellent ability to converse on myriad topics ranging from computers, viewing setups, the Best World Series Ever, adult beverages, and burritos. And hey, we even talked about hockey! A great example of how our collective minds work would be the conversation involving Muse's Chair wanting her to find a form that tells her what to do leading to her getting a sizeable raise and buying a unicorn. The best and most rec'd of this thread was from Sister:

Holyhandgrenaid, in the most rec'd overall of the first period thread, reminded us why we should be wary of the Exciting Rewind:

The big hockey talk until the Krejci score was out hatred of Kevan Miller's play and our desire to have Zach Trotman discontinue his nacho duty to play actual hockey. There were also mentions of hating both Shane Doan and naturally John Scott.

Period 1B Thread

It's never wise to let the Bruins in on the fact that they are playing a "second period" because that is when disaster usually strikes for them. However, this was not the case. The Bruins got goals from Jimmy "Mays" Hayes and Joe "Flu Bug" Morrow.

Kevan Miller went down on a hook from Tobias Rieder, resulting in a trip down the tunnel. He would later reappear on the bench and for two shifts of the second. This caused discussion to turn around to Trotman's possible return to the lineup next game. Miller did not play beyond this period.

Here's a fairly accurate picture of the Bruins first defensive pairing:

In other conversation, we had some #ChowderAfterDark and further variations on that theme, some baseball talk, and otter gifs. In fact, both periods had otter gifs galore. Overall, this period was very hockey talky.

Third Period Thread:

We were much better at the buddy system this period than last. We started getting into side conversations more: phone carriers, cautionary tales of caffeine consumption and university- tactics to be able to stay awake and possibly sane while advancing personal education. Birda showed up! Satan81 stayed up/ woke up way too early!

Pictures of both Loui Eriksson and Brad Marchand, both rocking with Claude's mustache from his playing days, appeared in the thread. Speaking of Marchand, he completed his 2-point night with a power play goal!

Before Krejci's bookend goal, and the call of Quota! ringing out throughout all Chowder, this comment was posted:

You almost don't have to worry about it at all.

Overall, hockey talk dominated this thread, as it should. John Scott messed with Zdeno Chara and ended up thrown out of the game. There was much rejoicing, especially among Phoenizona Coyotes fans (probably).

Overall: good game by the Bruins, good game threads by the community, and no troll sightings! Special thanks to Dan Ryan for posting and alerting us to the change in threads.