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Weekend Fresh Links: Clapper Hands Say Yeah Edition

That's right, it's Dit Clapper Days until the Bruins open up the 2015-16 season, hopefully with a bang. Or maybe even a cross-check.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Morning all. As I was thinking about how close it is to seeing the Bruins play for real and getting strapped into what may surely be the longest roller coaster ride ever,  I remember saying last year that the season ended for Boston not with a bang, but more like a...fart. And that made me giggle. But with the new season fast approaching, I refuse to be anything less than optimistic. At least for the first month. And then we'll see.

As always, don't be shy to contribute to this list by posting your finds in the comments. But are we ever shy here? No, not really.

Anyways. Links!

  • Well, it sounds like I missed a doozy of a game last night. We may not be super-excited for pre-season hockey, but it's good to see the Bruins fired up about it. Right? (Even if it is Adam McQuaid and Kevan Miller) [<a href="">NESN</a>]
  • Maybe this story will have been made irrelevant by the time Saturday morning rolls around. Who knows? But at the time of typing this, Tyler Randell IS still a Bruin. [<a href="">CSNNE</a>]
  • Brad Marchand once again steps up to say that people blamed Claude Julien way too much last year for the Bruins lackluster season. [<a href="">NESN</a>]
Around the league:
  • It's kind of cool watching established NHL players talk about how they are both excited and nervous to be playing against Connor McDavid this year. [<a href="">Yahoo Sports Canada</a>]
  • Hurricane Joaquin blew out to sea and now it looks like Stammergeddeon is on hold, too. For now. Talks with Steven Stamkos will not resume "until the time is right" [<a href="">The Score</a>]
  • As the season approaches, a number of NHL goalies are getting ready to put out some long shifts between the pipes for their teams. [<a href="">Yahoo Sports</a>]
  • Every player wants long term contracts in the NHL; the goaltenders are no different. But in this salary cap era, a number of teams should think twice about spending the big bucks on their goalies who may end up just keeping their team afloat. [<a href="">The Sporting News</a>]