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Game Thread Recap: Bruins at Panthers 10/30/15

More Leftover Chowder, yum!

"Good job, little buddy. Not eating you tonight."
"Good job, little buddy. Not eating you tonight."
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Period 1 Thread:

Tonight's Period 1 thread started out how every thread should, with Schadenfreude about the Habs' consecutive losses to the Canucks and the Oilers on their western Canada swing.

There was some chatter about adult beverages because BRUINS; I think we can all agree that while there are still issues with this team, we've calmed down a bit after they finally won at home, and have posted three wins in a row.

Then, we took a strange turn with the .gifs: lots of strange stuff from Japanese shows and movies. It was a veritable medley of Japanese oddities, including shoe eating:

Friends, countrymen, Chowder, I feel it's time we talk about a problem that is plaguing our once great nation: Mandatory Fun. You see, Mandatory Fun is just a euphemism for Adult Social Awkwardness, a disorder that affects approximately 4 out of 5 Chowderers in social settings such as charitable functions, business cocktail hours, and any place that makes us leave our living rooms and the comfort of the glowing screen displaying the latest Boston Bruins game. So many of us suffer from this that we feel very similar to each other, like we're the opposite sex version of the other:

Or that maybe combined, we make one complete person in these social situations:

Remember, we can work on this social problem together!

And hey, there was a hockey game going on! Tuukka finally seems to have located his mojo, making many saves.

And Zdeno Chara Brad Marchand scored the solitary goal of the first period.

This pretty much sums up Chowder's first period:

Period 1B:

In typical Bruins fashion, the second period was a little bit of a dud. After a quick (and successful) buddy check, we found out that BBKM suffers from an anti-Roger bias:

After BBKM got his Ro(d)gers straightened out, we got an inside look at the Panthers’ bench and locker room, and celebrated more international gifs.

Soon after spying on the Fancycats, we came to a stunning realization about the area between those two blue lines…

Brad Marchand was up to his old tricks, as was Servo:

A couple classics did well, as they always do:

…that was as satisfying as suckerpunching a Sedin.

Since we’re so cultured, we discussed classic American films:

Captain Zdeno Chara scored, which led to discussion over concerns about his diet,

...which led to the german hammer linking this iconic and ground-breaking interview, which taught us something new about our beloved captain.

All in all, the concerns about his diet clearly were not unfounded.

It seems Sunrisers have some interesting Halloween costume ideas.

A newer Chowderian had some hockey questions, and the gang obliged, and said nice things about… GASP… a PENGUIN.

As the period wrapped up and the caravan moved on to the Period 1C thread, it seemed we were down a man. There was considerable worry.

Period 1C:

Brad Marchand scored two goals for the Bruins and there was still a whole period left to play which caused Newtonian Fluid to wonder:

This was the night that Satan81 was introduced to the SCoC Thread Buddy System, and he took his job seriously.

Like, REALLY seriously:

Poor BBKM...

ArchaeLOLogist admitted she felt a little awkward at social gatherings and then this happened:

And like it usually is when the Bruins play against a team like the Oilers or the Avalanche, there will be the "Oh I miss Ference, oh I miss Iggy" thrown in. Tonight the Bruins got their first look at Reilly Smith as a Panther, and I wouldn’t say we were swept away with nostalgia:

To summarize:

  • Screw the Habs
  • We are all awkward in our own special way
  • Japanese TV is ...uh, something, alright.
  • Servo may be signed by Geico to run their next NHL-based ad campaign.
  • Zdeno Chara is a cannibal, but he's lovely and gracious in interviews.
  • Slovakia?
  • Reilly Smith is not completely useless, only mostly useless.
  • BBKM has been found. I repeat, the Cheat is not dead.
Three Stars of the game thread:
  • Third Star: Satan81
  • Second Star: Satan81
  • First Star: Satan81