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Steve Dangle knows how the Bruins are gonna disappoint you

We're just a sunny little blog, aren't we?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Steve Dangle makes vlog posts on his youtube page. This is known.

If you sometimes go to Sportsnet, you'll also know that Steve does stuff for Sportsnet.

Yesterday? He explained why every team will disappoint their fans/franchise.

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As you can see (as with most of Steve's videos), this is not serious at all and probably should be taken with a grain of salt. Steve manages to do a pretty impressive job weaving almost every team into a big, all-encompassing ball of disappointment. As nasty as this offseason from the outside perspective was, the Bruins got off pretty light.

I mean, lord knows there is plenty to be disappointed about on this team.

Which team do you think will disappoint this season that isn't the Bruins?