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PUBLIC SKATE: Bruins vs. Jets - 7:00pm

It begins again.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

It is back.

You've waited for it. You've hoped for it's swift return since April. You've seen the other places on the North
American map flare up in jubilation and disappointment at it's return. You've seen already how much people are willing to fight for it's soul, against it's flaws. Uphold any ideas of it's integrity, and grow it so a new guard. Men, women, children, all ages and creeds can benefit from it. Learn from it. Build skills from it. It is something a storied few have to sacrifice a lot for, and their support systems even more so, but it's all for that one glorious prize at the end of the road, that one glorious moment of "it's all worth it" when a name is called, and a sweater is put on as is standard when it first started, so many decades ago.

It is hockey.

And it has been far too long since we've seen it last.

That ends tonight.

So without further ado, without further ceremony, I only have one question to ask you, Stanley Cup of Chowder.

What's on tap?