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Spooky Game Thread Recap: Bruins vs. Lightning, 10/31

"Is my Leftover Chowder haunted?"

Who dresses up as an emoji for Halloween?!
Who dresses up as an emoji for Halloween?!
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Period 1 A: What did we learn tonight?

(1) Timmy announced via .gif that he has no pants:

(2) Brookline is Halloweentown, apparently:


(3) Pies only come in the forms of pizza and chicken pot (pie) tonight.

(4) Lessons in how to post a .gif.

Period 1A: What are we doing?

holyhandgrenaid checked in to let us know how the moving stuff was going in Nova Scotia.

Then, we found Miss Muse, whose second-favourite team is battling her first-favourite (or something like that) fretting over what that team could do.  And Sister joined in the conversation with a traditional Swedish greeting.

Sister was not having an easy time of it, what with a wicked evil couch preventing her from getting another adult beverage.

I know it's Halloween, but friends don't let friends buy possessive possessed couches.

Period 1A: The Hockeying

By this time, it seemed that the two teams that were hockeying decided that some one should score a goal; it's only right and keeps the viewers amused, bemused...or kind of pissed off. The Bolts were first on the board with a goal by Nikita Kucherov.

Are the Bolts offensive-minded or just offensive. Phony weighs in on this issue:

Discussion turned to David Krejci needing only a hat trick to equal the amount of goals the Anaheim Ducks have scored thus far in the season. Only 3 goals. Poor Ducks (sorry, not sorry). Anyway, naturally, when Anaheim pops up in a conversation, former Duck Matt Beleskey is soon to be mentioned. Is he performing up to his potential here? What should we expect of him? Well, according to johndavis33, he's going to explode soon!

And explode he did, for the tying goal more than ¾ of the way through the first period.

Wrapping up the first period, Econicorides waltzed in speaking of Chewbacca costumes and Krejci hat tricks, only one of which was real.


Toward the start of the second first-and-a-half period, the B’s found themselves on the unfavorable end of a 5-on-3 PK after Big Z more or less plastered AMERICAN HERO RYAN CALLAHAN FORMERLY OF THE NEW YORK RYAN CALLAHANS. Most smart people of the universe disagreed with the call:

We marveled at The Monster’s moves.

This, of course, brought on an excessive amount of very cultured discussion about fine American films.

"Did someone say… dinner?"

Our friend Claude took the lines and flipped ‘em and reversed ‘em, which obviously had a lot to do with dinner on Wednesday…

It took a long time for one of us to realize this, but I’m glad Satan (heh heh) is on to Claude and his Halloween-themed goaltending decision. The Monster got the call today.

During the second, Claude had jumbled the lines to get things shaking a little, which caused some concern and hand wringing…

"Excuse me, are you okay?"

And with that, on to period 1C!

So we learned that the Line Blender can sometimes whip up a really nasty concoction. Pasta on the fourth line, Claude?! Kelly on the second?!

OKAY, listen: this happened during intermission. Since there was one game thread (understandable, it's Halloween) and this is a collaborative effort, two of us covered it. Sorry not sorry. :)

But, somehow, it ended up working.

We got a live look at Torey Krug’s reaction to Brett Connolly’s goal thanks to Unstable Element:

And Sister’s simple truth was the most recch’d comment of the period:

The only disappointing thing to happen in the third period was this: ALL of SCoC REALLY missed a prime #ChowderAfterDark moment. For shame, guys. We’ve been telling everyone to bring their A Game to these threads. Step it up, people.

After Marchand scored the empty-netter, a long-forgotten feeling came over the board. Were we actually laughing at the misfortune of other teams? YES! It seemed like we were!

Let me tell you guys, both Connolly and Marchand worked their butts off tonight and if anyone deserved to score goals this evening, it was them. I’m so happy to see the mood of this doing a total 180 since the start of the season. Maybe we’ll fall back to earth soon enough, but for now:

It’s a lot more fun this way!

To sum it all up:

  • BooOooOooO! :ghost:
  • Tim is half naked, as usual
  • gifs are easy and fun
  • The Lightning are offensive, no matter how you look at it
  • Sis was almost eaten by a couch.
  • We saw a Monster with some Monster moves tonight.
  • Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day.
  • We need to up our #ChowderAfterDark game.
  • Our schadenfreude game, however, is still on point.
Stars of the game:
  • Third star: blebrasseur1, for jumping on the gifwagon
  • Second star: Timmeh - for his sweet friggin' giffage
  • First Star: Sis, for her epic defeat of her Evil Possessive Possessed Couch in the name of Not Water.
Congratulations, Chowderians. Strong work. Sis, you get the jacket.