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Hockey Night in Boston...Finally!

After a long break, the anticipation's been killing us, but can the Bruins turn around their home record?

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"Hey remember me?"
"Hey remember me?"
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
  • A preview of tonight's game against the Avalanche. [CBS Sports]
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO! David Pastrnak has a fractured foot. [NESN]
  • The Bruins have a simple plan for the upcoming homestand: Be boring. Whatever gets them the two points, I guess. [Patriot-Ledger]
  • Dennis Seidenberg is getting ever closer to making his season debut with the Bruins. [WEEI]
  • A month in to the regular season, the outlook for the Bruins playoff chances remains the same: Meh. [Boston Herald]
  • Keith Yandle and the Rangers have yet to start talking about a contract extension. The dream is alive! [The Score]
  • Of course, there are the obvious choices Team Canada can make to fill its roster, but who will fill those seven remaining spots when all is said and done? [Canoe]
  • Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos made some very disparaging remarks about Hartford recently, and this wronged Whalers fan takes to the Internet to vent his spleen. [Exile on Trumbull Street]
  • Sports Illustrated takes a moment to recognize hockey players who paid the ultimate price while serving their country. [Sports Illustrated]