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Gabriel Landeskog hearing today for hit eerily similar to Matt Cooke's hit on Savard

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The department of player safety was kind enough to tell everyone that there will be a hearing today for Landeskog:

Gabriel Landeskog should be sitting for a few games for his vicious targeted attack directly to Brad Marchand's head. What is really upsetting about the whole thing is that the hit is damn-near identical to Matt Cooke's blindside takedown of Marc Savard years ago. For comparison, here are clips of the two hits:

(Mind you, these are not easy to watch)

Matt Cooke on Marc Savard:

Gabriel Landeskog on Brad Marchand:

Let's break it down a little closer. First, an overlay of the two hits:

Cooke and Landeskog hits overlaid by Dan Ryan

They're not that different, to be honest.

Principle point of contact

Marc Savard:

Brad Marchand:

As you can see, it's about the same. Landeskog/Cooke come in with their shoulder and smash the Bruin who just took a shot in the side of the head.

In both, as well, Landeskog and Cooke both cruise in from far away and Marchand and Savard don't make any sudden movements to screw them up. This is just a bad, bad hit.