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Leftover Chowder: Avs @ Bruins Game Thread Recap

All your Bourque are belong to us!

Seids was very graceful in his return to the lineup.
Seids was very graceful in his return to the lineup.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


The Public Skate was quiet at first, other than Dan talking to himself. He gave us an important update on Seids. Newtonian Fluid and Muse then discussed the typical idiosyncrasy of the Bruins’ schedule.

Seriously, who writes their schedule?

It could be said that the defensive pairings caused some concerns among Chowderites.

Gonna be a good one with all those F-bombs prior to the national anthem!

The Rene imposter anthem singer raised some eyebrows, as did holyhandgrenaid… and Kevin Hayes.

This is a case of being the wrong Hayes at the wrong time.

Rene revels in these moments of Rancourt superiority

About a minute into the first, the air was thick with snark.

Bruins took a quick lead on a Chara goal. Patrick Roy can kiss Cam Neely’s ass blew a coach’s challenge fighting it because Berra had no desire to get up and make a save. Coach Handgrenaid was not without an opinion.

More Roy love followed:

We Bruins fans sure love Patrick Roy.

It’s a glorious day to hate the Habs, isn’t it, Muse?

Always, phony!

BagelBruin presented a take so hot that even Oven Mitt Jesus wouldn’t know what to do with it. 2-0, bitches.

His oven mitts may not be that great, but  he can spit hot fiyah.

We got dangerously close to unpleasant conversation territory.

Things were going reasonably well.

Yeti was unapologetic about scoring on us. God-forsaken Swedish robot!

The Avs scored again, and the Bruins blew another 2 goal lead. On to period 2! Errr, 1B. Something.

PERIOD 1B: The Aftermath of the Most Dangerous Lead™

Thread buddy checks completed. BagelBruin had to leave for band rehearsal. BBKM plugged his band for him, followed by talk of the missing and the lost:

Would either return? Stay tuned to find out!

Adult beverages were discussed:

Huh, I'm doing it all wrong since my airplane drink is either water or Diet Coke.

Huh, I didn't know it was "Hot Blue Leafs Talk":

I give you an A for effort, kid, but no one really cares about the Blue Maples or whatever they're called anymore.

Frank Vatrano is the new shiny thing we all love. He did something!

You want this? Well...

I heart a Scrubs gif more often than not, and I heart Claude, but I can't remember what the poll question was:

Hockeying! Brad Marchand was blindsided by Gabriel Landeskog, resulting in a Match Penalty for Landeskog after being punched by Marshy (totally deserved). Unfortunately, the extended powerplay resulted in nothing for the Bruins.

The most rec'd of the thread sums up what it's like to be straddling the line of being Canadian-American:

At least the return of Dennis Seidenberg has some benefit:

And talk of how Zach Trotman got Irwin'd:

Then, the most magical part of the thread, hell, of all the threads happened. I think this is a PSA for self-awareness, teamwork, friendship, and a whole lot of things:

I like your pluck, kid. Gotta work on the charisma. Good luck.

Strong work, Mordor.

Period 1C: It's Winning Time?

The thread started out with directions on what the Bruins should do:

Followed by a directive to Chowder:

and some gifsass from BBKM:

It was phony who complained of this lack of charisma, and she apologised/ no she didn't accordingly:

Having a personality is not in the job description of a hockey player:

A fun history lesson:

Sister was not part of the game threads this evening due to technical difficulties, but still managed to get a message through thanks to the good work of good friend BBKM:

An old lady wandered into the thread:

You can do it, Grampa Joe! You can get up!

Followed by the best Norm greeting and the worst Manhattan ever made in the same clip.

When Sarah What's-her-face on NESN was reporting on the Seideninjury, she may have comitted a Freudian Slip: least it's not coniferous?

Then talk of all sorts of hot dog abuse, followed up with this picture from Newtonian Fluid that sums it up perfectly.

Then, I have no fucking idea what was going on with talk of plagues, death and whatever. Yep, we talk about everything, and sometimes even hockey!

...But not yet. Holyhandgrenaid shared pictures of Halloween costumes (see thread) and is totes going to be Herman Munster next Halloween. Book it!

Ohm yes, hockey. Johndavis33 needed a recap and it was given, followed by an update:

Yep, Duchene scored the GWG almost 7 minutes into the third period.

Timmy stopped by, bearing Supernatural gifs:

Sometimes, we all need to feel pretty.

We had talk of stats, both useful and less useful, and our hatred of Kevan Miller, which may or may not be justified. Consult the thread as needed for that; take some aspirin first.

In the final minutes, some of wondered what went wrong, and some of us pleaded for better play:


Guys, I know it's going to be a long season, full of inconsistent play and hating on players, but, try not to dump on each other, okay? It's not easy on any of us to see our team seem so great and hopeless in the span of 60 minutes. Part of why we do these thread recaps is to add comic relief because we know this season will be difficult.

That being said, don't ever, EVER be this guy - bringing negativity only just brings everyone down:

You stomp into the thread without adding anything but being a complete jerk. It may make you feel better but it's a shitty move, dude. Participate and add to discussion, do not sump.


  • holyhandgrenaid, for various reasons: Halloween costumes, recounting the downfall of the Buffalo Sabres empire, etc.
  • BBKM, for channeling Sis a la Oiuja board.
  • WalkIntoMordor for his ...charisma. Yeah, that's it.


This guy is OUR #77.