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Oh Captains, My Captains!

Brianna Decker and Hilary Knight have been named co-captains of the Boston Pride. No assistants here.


This week, the NWHL announced the captains and assistant captains for all four teams, as well as the team representatives who will serve on the NWHL Player’s Association board.

Hilary Knight and Brianna Decker will share co-captain honors for the season as well as be the Pride’s player reps, as voted on by their teammates.

"I feel very fortunate to have Brianna and Hilary as our captains this year for the Pride," head coach Bobby Jay said. "It's a tremendous bonus when your most skilled players are also your best leaders."

Currently, Decker leads the league in points with seven (five goals, two assists) and Knight is not far behind her with five points. The two have been teammates since their time at the University of Wisconsin, where Knight was assistant captain during her junior year. The choice to name them co-captains, rather than making one the assistant, speaks to their ability to work together as leaders. Boston is the only team to award two players with the C.

"They both bring different types of leadership, with Brianna's determination and desire and Hilary's humility and willingness to put the team before herself despite her high profile," Jay continued.

Thus far, the combination of their leadership styles has been a winning one, as the Pride top the standings going into the fourth game of the season this weekend.

True to their characters, the two spoke humbly of the title.

"I'm excited to help lead this pack throughout the season," Decker said. "However, our team is full of so much experience and so much leadership from everyone." ("Pack"!! I’m not crying, you’re crying).

"My hope is to optimize our group through leading by example and supporting my teammates both on and off the ice," Knight said.

Decker and Knight will lead the team as official captains for the first time this Sunday at 7:00 p.m. against the Riveters in Brooklyn before finally coming home next weekend. No word yet on whether there will be an option in the NWHL shop to put a C on the captains’ jerseys, but you’ll know as soon as I do, friends.