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I Guess It's Miller Time

Hope you're not listening on the radio!

I'm STILL not sick of this image. Are you?
I'm STILL not sick of this image. Are you?
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Hey you guys. Hope you're having a good morning so far. You know, being a sports fan can be a really great thing. A camaraderie is formed when a team drags its fan base up and down through the course of a season. And it's hard not to get caught up in everything when you know that if your team would only somehow follow your advice and bench that guy, your team could win it all. But then something ridiculous and heartless and reckless happens in Paris, and it puts everything in perspective.

I feel kind of weird doing a links page like nothing happened at all, but I'm going to slap something together anyway and I hope you enjoy it. We all know that life is not always kittens and rainbows and goofy David Pastrnak smiles, but we can always try to be good to each other here, right?

Anyway, your brunchy links, maple-flavored of course, await.

  • A preview of the Bruins-Red Wings game that is sure to be a delight. At least it's not a matinee? []
  • One good thing about Kevan Miller: he definitely has self-awareness going for him, saying he "needs to be better." [NESN]
  • We don't call him Baby Lion for nothing. Torey Krug sticks his neck out a little and says the Bruins need to handle adversity better. [WEEI]
  • Jake DeBrusk and Zach Senyshyn are doing very well on their junior teams, and hopefully this will spell good news for the Bruins in the near future. [Causeway Crowd]
  • Yes, another go-around on the hype train. Next stop, Frank Vatrano. Accentuate the positive, people. [Bruins Daily]
  • Speaking of the Red Wings, Pavel Datsyuk is back in action, though he was kept off the score sheet against the Sharks last night. [Michigan Live]
  • Which team's fan base deserves martyr status? This index will spell it out for you. On the flip side, it's really damn good to be a Lightning fan these days. [The Hockey News]
  • Teemu Selanne is absolutely determined to not have a boring retirement. I don't think you need to know Finnish to appreciate the end of the video. [Puck Daddy]