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Rival Question: Best Wings of All Time?

Detroit responds to the question we all are asking.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the SCoC team came to the realization that local beloved* (by some) chain Wings Over in fact wasn't local at all. It only made sense that a city such as Detroit, with a storied franchise like the Red Wings, would have a Wings-themed wing joint right outside city limits in Ann Arbor. So with our own love of chicken wings, we thought we'd extend the question: best wings of all time?

At first the responses missed the point.

Then, there was a weird affection for long-time winger, Danny Cleary. Who's currently in Grand Rapids with the Griffins.

But like a siren song, we eventually got the response we were hoping for.

So Boston, now it's your turn. We ask you the question below... Best Wings of all time?