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Leftover Chowder: Red Wings @ Bruins Game Thread Recap

Illiterate punkasses at their finest

The Matrix has reloaded.
The Matrix has reloaded.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


The Chowder Public Skate started off with a very special guest, who should not be online so close to game time, Brad.

Come on, Brad! It's game time!

And Dwayne Gretzky stopped by with Claude’s Super Secret GamePlan that he must have stolen from Claude’s Super Secret Game Plan Book.

And UNC chipped in with some of his own:

Great job guys, The Bruins Front Office should be offering you a job any day now!

...Although UNCMedievalist’s record with watching home games may be a problem in that respect.

Miss Muse is taking no chances with dooming a Bruins win tonight.

Blebrasseur1 is a new guy to Chowder, but he’s catching on quickly.

And WalkIntoMordor was looking to get bounced from the thread by Chowder Bouncer for the evening, Muss Muse.

As was TimRich88.

OK, Muse. Settle down.

Muse certainly seemed to get drunk with power in a very short time, or maybe she was just drunk and liked to yell, like a certain conspicuously absent Game Thread regular.

After it was mentioned that the Bruins seemed to actually have a handle on the game, someone remarked that they were just waiting for the Bruins to fall apart, like usual.

Which led to this.

So, that’s right, kids. When your hockey team is sucking, there’s nothing like a game set in a world after a nuclear apocalypse to cheer you up.

And the thread ended on a very good note:

It's a glorious day to hate the Habs, isn't it, Andrew?

Hopefully the good vibes would continue into Period 2. I mean, 1B!

Period 1B: The Most Dangerous Period

No one seemed to really use the buddy system tonight, which is fine, but really people, we didn't set it up for nothing.

Muse was hungry, hungry for nachos (too bad GH wasn't there to make the best ones ever!) and no one was sympathetic, least of all MadScientist72:

Watch out, Miss Muse: Chowder Bouncer might chuck you into the box for taunting!

It continued for a while, with gifsass:

Timmy and UNCMedievalist waged an epic GIANT GIF BATTEL, with Timmy using Supernatural and UNC sourcing random material:

...None of which solved Miss Muse's particular problem. Good work guys!

Here at Stanley Cup of Dr. Who Chowder, we love ironic greetings, when noted Whovian, Phony shows up.

Phony had posted a video from the BU game, and there was some commentary about demons groaning and such.


The Bruins finally decided to awaken and score a damned goal:

St. Patrice of Bergeron scored 7:18 into Period 1B to give the B's a 1-0 lead.

When Patrice Bergeron scores, there is always some chatter about, getting married, having children, etc because Bergy makes you put your life in focus like that. Consult the thread for the longer details.

David Krejci scored Boston's second goal nearly four minutes later, bringing the Bruins to The Most Dangerous Lead™.

Miss Muse: Senistive Feely Type was all about enjoying this.

Yes, baby elephants, I can't even, indeed.

Rookie winger Frank Vatrano continues to skate his way into our hearts.

Make no mistake though, this is not Hot Toronto Blue Leafs Talk:

Torey Krug scored a sick goal at 17:00 to make it 3-0 Bruins.


The rest of the thread was chatter about Fallout 4 and baseball, because hockey.


The period opened with acknowledgement of the strong period 1B the Bruins put up, followed by some doubt about whether Jack using Twitter terms in a broadcast was a good thing. Okay, actually, it undoubtedly wasn’t. Brick is also probably not impressed.

Tim had an alarmingly weird question about our friends, the Fallout 4 club:

Turned out he was talking about the chicken, which led his being admonished for improper chicken condiments. Also, Muse had a "Eureka!" moment and was thrilled with her honey barbecue chicken strips, despite them NOT being nachos.

And, in typical Chowder fashion, it led to a science lesson… about cheese.

In the absence of Satan81, the three buddy system was practically abandoned, and the fallout club was left to its own devices in the period 1B thread.

Look, we had other stuff to do, OKAY?

Speaking of the Ten Commandments, we had a very civil and interesting discussion about the presidential election (see thread), followed by a penalty kill. You know how that goes.

Nice going, BBKM.

Due to the Bruins sensing BBKM’s entrance, Miss Muse: Chowder Bouncer was at it again.

Such intimidate. So menace. Wow.

Next thing you know, the game was over and the Bruins won, no matter how many minutes they may have played.

After the win, UNCMedievalist accidentally introduced the Best Gif Ever ™ to himself and some of the newer Chowder contingent. There was some debating on why, exactly, a dude was doing pushups next to a burning car, in the middle of a riot.

…and then we enjoyed a little Habs schadenfreude, because it’s a glorious day to hate the Habs!


  • Muse, for yelling in Sis' absence, and for attempting to bounce.
  • the german hammer, for getting all sciency on Tim's ass
  • Tim, for being a totally unwilling cheese bacteria student